4 Hosting of high quality should be used

If you would like to do a sales website, company, products or do personal blog thenthe required Hosting with Domain.
According to his experience, quality, stable elements up first, then make is the price.Because if you choose the wrong one poor quality hosting provider, will always be a headache because the website is not accessible, errors, other errors, losing visitors, take orders …
With a good Hosting provider is different, you don’t have to spend time thinking of technical problems, which just focuses on developing content, customer care, website promotion.
With many years experience hosting foreign use, I should introduce the article aggregate the best Hosting register address to your reference.

1. StableHost

StableHost hosting provider is very famous today not only by stable quality, high uptime, but also because the price is pretty cheap hosting here.
All shared hosting package at StableHost are using SSD, unlimited bandwidth and storage usage. PRO pack upward from there an unlimited number of domain names.
Shared Hosting Besides the usual, there StableHost PLATINUM package (Enterprise Hosting) with higher quality, fit for the visit of terrorist sites, large online, buffer configuration.
Default entire hosting packages here are enabled Varnish Cache to optimize Apache server more. In addition, the integrated cPanel StableHost Let’s Encrypt, with just a few clicks you will have SSL for Web sites, increasing the SEO ranking of the website.

2. Hawk Host

Hawk Host is a provider has a location in Hong Kong and Singapore, Vietnam on the access speed is very fast. The more you register location Los Angeles here feedback is pretty horrible, site server online still runs high.
Hosting at Hawk Host has pretty good quality, specially can promotion, sometimesbig promotion up to 60%.
Shared hosting packages are very diverse, unlimited domains and bandwidth use, however just as StableHost, Hawks Host the first package size limit only 10 GB. From the following package is not limited at all.
Similarly, StableHost Hawk Host has 2 Pack Semi Dedicated, is also Shared Hostingbut has a higher profile, more cattle. In particular, you can choose datacenter Hong Kong or Singapore, unlike StableHost only location US
A difference of Hawk Host, that is you are tech support Memcached free, accelerates website up very much. When you activate the memory used up. Similarly, StableHost Hawk Host also built Let’s Encrypt in cPanel to you easily activate.

3. DreamHost

DreamHost is a Hosting provider in the world for a long time. Here only a single Shared Hosting packages, unlimited storage, bandwidth, domains and email addresses.
Myself have used DreamHost long before moving to VPS hosting quality here is very great, extremely durable, virtually 100% uptime. During use his almost rarely saw no problem hosting inaccessible.
DreamHost use SSDs, particularly very good server support for WordPress, like Siteground, was officially rated WordPress.org Top # 2 best hosting for WordPress.
Each domain name is often added to other hosting IP so great for SEO as a satellite site. Inside the control panel there are a number of special features included as SVN support, SSL Free Let’s Encrypt …
When registering hosting for 1 year period, you will also receive a free domain name comes the same Siteground.
On account support, DreamHost has LiveChat online constantly, you may need to contact for assistance immediately. However, you need to be logged in to see the livechat. If you are not a customer of DreamHost, they must contact via Contact Form. Alternatively, you can send a ticket, here are enthusiastic support, support fast, compact.
DreamHost hosting at higher prices than the average, and only US location only. DreamHost not use cPanel management panel which uses its own, so you need some time to learn to be a novice.

4. SiteGround

With the server cluster in Singapore, SiteGround always for ultra fast page loading speed when compared to other providers.
The entire package hosting at SiteGround are using SSD hard drive, very good support for WordPress, WordPress.org official reviews of the Top best hosting for WordPress on the website.
When you sign up, you GrowBig packages will be using the special cache mode settings available in cPanel as the Varnish Cache, Memcached or Google PageSpeed accelerates website very much. Very rare providers would have the same support as here.
With all packages, when signing up for hosting with one year or more, you will receive a free domain name included. Remember to add the domain name before you proceed to the payment.
SiteGround has the Livechat help you can contact support immediately when experiencing a problem, the solution is quite fast and accurate.
Is one of the companies that sponsor the free SSL organization Let’s Encrypt, of course the SiteGround support also available automatic activation function in cPanel.
Hosting prices here higher than common ground pretty much, but it is well worth the money. If you are looking for high quality hosting provider, can not ignore the SiteGround.